About Me


Ogulcan Temiz was born in 1993 in Ankara / Turkey.He graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Mechanical Engineering.He went to Carleton University / Canada with an exchange program during his third year.He studied M.A. Media, Communications & P.R. in Swansea University / U.K.

Latin America

Due to some career-wise disappointments during his undergraduate education, he planned a trip to Latin America as a new dream, to be fulfilled after his graduation. He backpacked Latin America between September 2016 to May 2017.

His Book

His book about Latin America got published in Turkey in September 2019, in the Turkish language. The book narrates his personal world view, Latin America’s history, culture, communities, and his own experiences with colour photos on each page.


He is very interested in screenwriting, international reporting, documentary shooting, history, astronomy, photography, research and writing.

He is sensitive, loves to disappear in dreams, tell stories using audio-visual tools, experience adventures, creates emotional works that can appeal to the soul, use foreign languages, read world cultures and history of the universe (both Space and the Earth).

At the same time, he enjoys meeting new people from all over the world, listening to their stories, learning ‘their language’ and trying to ‘speak their language’, which doesn’t only mean voice communication.

He can speak English fluently, Spanish in intermediate, and Turkish at the ‘beginning(!)’ level, which he noticed while writing his book, because of the rich culture of Anatolia.

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Due to my hunger to popular science (mostly astronomy), history, cultures, geography, and languages, my interests are inclined towards telling stories from these topics using audiovisual mediums.


I am competent in photography, videography, writing stories in classic Hollywood-styled narrative logic, Adobe software, WordPress, and such that’s necessary to transmit emotions effectively.


I’m just a visitor of this world, walking on his path to seek inspirations & return them to the world as emotional works. My mind often dreams and loses connection to reality in the day time, in search of a ‘thing’ that will get me inspired. Then, I use that inspiration to develop creative work on the thing I’m working.

To Sum Up

These can possibly be summarised in a single sentence like ‘being a Nat Geo type geek who loves to produce likewise inspirational content.’

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