The book embodies the world view of the author, the history, culture, communities, and experiences of Latin America while adorning them with colourful photographs taken on each page.

Commentary from the world bicycle tourer Gürkan Genç: “The writer compares his life to prison life and searches for the freedom on an 8-month Latin America trip, which ends finding himself in a bigger prison. It is a concrete form of the search for something useful for society, in order not to escape anymore from it. A delightful work to read by the young writer, who was born near the end of the 20th century, blending Latin American travel with his life adventure and the works he has read. “

From the back cover of the book, from the author’s mouth: “When I was a child, I questioned what I saw around me, wondered why, and put my parents into question. As I grew older, my vision was narrowed by imitating my friends for loyalty and to my group of friends for harmony. In the last years of my university education, which I have been trying to achieve accomplishments, I was stiffened as soon as I felt that the lush sprout, which represented my future dreams, had gone from its stem before it could open its flower. Looking at the full side of the glass, I realised that this situation brought me short-term freedom: My sprout was one with the wind and flew to Latin America. Here are what you read in this book: Memories of a broken sprout that takes the wind from Turkey and flies to Latin America for eight months, while sometimes flying over the flower gardens and sometimes over deserts.”

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