Star Wars pyramids: Tikal

Remember here from Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) or Star Wars: Rouge One (2016), as the rebel base in planet Yavin 4 ?
Ancient Maya city Tikal in Guatemala was one of the filming locations of the first Star Wars movie.
It’s a huge pyramids complex, spreaded in the middle of a rainforest, with more than 3000 buildings in 16 sq km and 2 dozen of pyramids, was the wealthy capital of this region during Mayan era, where 100.000 people used to live.
Our guide told us that, actually the city didn’t had any resources in the past. But knew how to rule economy and benefited from other cities. Like New York City which doesn’t have a real resource vs Venezuela, which currently has the most petrol resource in the world.
Some of the pyramids are built regarding to the dates of equinox / the Sun. The Sun rises from 3 different temples on 23 of Sep/21 Mar, 21 Dec, 21 June by an observor standing in the plaza.
While walking, monkeys and wild animals can also be seen in the forest easily.