Você fala espanhol? (POR: Do you speak Spanish?)

 Você fala espanhol? (POR: Do you speak Spanish?)

The only way i tried to start communication is this sentence in Brazil. Portuguese grammar and written vocabulary looks similar to Spanish, that i always tried to relate and remind from it. But the pronouncation is a whole different story, that i needed to think twice before speaking. Up to this moment, generally i spoke Spanish to Brasilians, they replied me Portuguese, trying to understand each other with common words and mimics. It doesn’t work really well, but much or less it works, in your Tarzan communicating skills, for basic things (especially in clubs and bus travels).

“Happiness is true when shared together”
Said one of my dearest friend Gustavo, who was teaching my basic Portuguese to survive Brasil, in a birthday event and teaching me to make Caçhasa. Maybe that’s why I’m writing a lot in here while travelling alone.

Gustavo also said, every Brazilian, who speaks a little bit Spanish, would think that they speak Spanish, until they travel to Spanish speaking countries. Well, on the opposite side, i thought i could also survive with my Spanish in Brazil. I was so wrong.

But i love learning languages. Definitely! So that i can directly communicate with people, revealing their own treasure hidden inside them, and tasting that. I’m looking forward to grab basic Portuguese sooner or later, in much determination 💪… That I used to ask my principal of Spanish school, a few months ago, “ok I need to learn Portuguese now, give me schools you know” 😂

What do i think to study in future? Arabic for my trips to Israel/Palestine.
And reading 3 big holy books… 

Dare to be Brasilian? 🇧🇷

Bayrak inmez, samba dinmez