Observatories of Chile

Collowara & Cerro Tololo Observatory

  1. Collowara

Learning Southern Skies in the world astronomy capital Chile. The 2 dots on the head of the woman are Venus and Mars. This photo is from Collowara Observatory, all run by women.

Apart from world famous scientific observatories, this country is also full of touristic observatories, nearly in every corner.

After some stressful and tiring days, I managed to get a permit to famous Cerro Tololo Observatory and rent a car to the site for tomorrow, even though I’m not allowed by Chilean laws  Let’s see tomorrow!

I hate to say continuously, “Today was the best day of my life!”, but it is, nearly everyday in Latin America. And my luck in everything is going so unbelievable. Like all the things in the world communicates with each other, to be united, to aid me in my journey.

As they say in Star Wars, “The Force is strong with me” 😇


2. Cerro Tololo

These are our doors to explorations&imaginations of New Worlds, Just like 500 years ago when people crossed to this new world of Americas.

Yet this time, we are travelling at the speed of light, not at the speed of knots (nautical mile).

For me, it’s hard to leave this place, due to losing myself in the feelings of connection to the nature, skies&imaginations, away from everything artificial of this world hahaha 

Vivaldi – 4 seasons  from San Pedro de Atacama, home of the ALMA telescope

Juan&OgulJuan wish you a happy monday and a wonderful week 👍😀
(from the post office of San Pedro de Atacama/Chile)