Biggest City of the South = São Paulo

Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest city, São Paulo! Here’s some quick facts to understand a little bit of this crazy city:

– 12th largest megacity of the world, with urban population of 12mil people and metropolitan population of 21,2mil people. (Metropolitans:1-Tokyo/38,8mil, 2-Jakarta/31.5mil, 3-Seoul/25.5mil…7-New York/23.6mil…25-Istanbul/14.8mil)
– Brazil’s wealthiest state. Yet it doesn’t prevent the huge gap between poor and rich. Richest %10 of Brazilians have %43 of nation’s income, whereas poorest %34 receive less than %1. It’s said as, India of the South America.
– The largest economy by GDP in Southern Hemisphere, 8th in the world.
– Home to %63 of multinational corps in Brazil. (Largest concentration of German corps worldwide)
– 1/3 of industrial products of Brazil is produced in here.
– Hosts the world’s largest gay pride parade.
– Hosts the world’s largest Japanese diaspora (665k descendants). Has more than 600 Japanese restaurants and 12mil sushis are sold every month. (Aslında imkan olsa, sadece Bilkent bile 1 ayda 12mil sushi yer gibime geliyor)
– %60 of people has full or partial Italian ancestry from past immigrations (6mil)and thus, has more descendants than any other Italian city. 6000 pizzerias produce 1mil of pizzas everyday.
– 70 shopping malls.
– Armani sells more than New York in here.
– Largest number of helicopters in the world, followed by NYC and Tokyo. 2000 flights per day in central area.
– It’s parks still host lots of huge spiders.