Bariloche: Branch office of the Canada in South America

Branch office of the Canada (or Alps?) in South America: Bariloche/Argentina

Cold! That’s the first word I want to say when I think about this place or Canada. 2 weeks ago, I was melting in Asuncion/Paraguay, one of the hottest places I’ve been in South America. Now, I’m wearing my polar sweatshirts under my jacket, gloves and hats. No wonder, why this place has one of the most famous ski resorts of the South America. Yet, you can possibly end your day after skiing with tremendous Argentinian wines&meats in a warm place. However, Bariloche also developed many of it’s own breweries & chocolate shops, due to having immigrants from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Many houses are made of wood&stone in alpine style architecture, including the city centre. Due to it’s relaxing atmosphere with forests, lakes, mountains, developed tourism, it attracts many people, like the Argentinian president, to spend holiday in here.

Do you remember the joy you get when you first see the along awaited snow of the year, from your window after waking up from your bed? A particular emotion that’s hard to describe, which happened to me in here today, after the whole day rain in the city left the mountains with white snow, under the sunset, shining on them, completing the picture with green forests and a blue lake in the front, like you would dream in your sleep… Too bad I’m leaving here to Chile tomorrow again.