A Coincidence in Uruguay

A few weeks ago, my parents sent me an article from one of the most read newspaper of Turkey, from it’s popular weekend Travel section (Hürriyet Gezi). A Turkish couple, who decided to marry, thought that instead of spending much money on marriage ceremony, it’s best to spend that on traveling the world, with their motorcycles, and left their job, searching for best place to marry.

Life’s full of surprises. I heard people speaking Turkish on street in Colonia/Uruguay (which is rare in this continent), who happened to be them when I approached:

“…oh so you are travelling the world with motorcycles. I’m confused now; I’ve also read about a young couple doing the same…Wait…Can they be you!?”.

I quickly tried to reached my phone to check their photo from the article, before they said “Yes! We are them!”

and a very enjoyable and surprising conversation started… This time, their family decided to visit them in Buenos Aires for a few days and spend the weekend in Uruguay.

A tired Candombe dancer, after practising his drum to get prepared for the night’s street carnival.