Corrupted Polices in Honduras Border

But nobody told me that 5 chickenbus/minibus (dolmuş) changes, then a pickup rear deck, transferring to Guatemala again from El Salvador before Honduras, for only 180 km, 7.5 hours of travel.
It was so fearful to pass the border at night alone and seeing there’re no busses, just some mafia looking police officers who wants to overcharge you in the middle of darkness to transfer you with their cars for only 10 km. Luckily miracles happen, like a Guatemalan international truck driver that I’ve met on the route in a minibus, who arranged me a free ride with his excellent local skills from a passing pickup in the darkness.
As soon as i reached my hostel, quickly bought a Hondureño rum and a cigar to relax and forget everything, which stole 10 years from my heart&life xD