Adios Guatemala!

After 3 months in Antigua, I have to say “Adios” to Guatemala, but after visiting a few more places. I feel delighted to be able to create connections confidently to people in streets in Spanish, after reaching intermediate level (like to doctors while i was under serum treatment today in hospital, a few minutes before writing this😂).
Needlessly to say, i have to come back again to Guatemala in future, the land of eternal spring. But this time, spending more time and interest in its diverse indigenous communities scattered around the country; and of course filling my luggage with their colorful traditional handcrafts.
Now, it’s time to open doors to Belize-> El Salvador-> Honduras-> Nicaragua-> Costa Rica-> Panama, for one of my greatest life education contrary to an university with colorless laws and orders which actually took years away from my life under stress, far away to my nature at least, under the promise of that they tell me “but you’ll be happy in future”, when i won’t have time to be independent or have energy. Let’s be happy now, i don’t know what future will bring. The memories of today will provide me the strength I will need for tomorrow and give me a happy life instead of far away doubtful promises.
This journey actually started as a protest by me, against me