Salvador / Bahia

The first reaction of myself in Salvador: Where did i come? Cuba? Does Jamaica looks like this?

Everybody on streets are African descents. They have their own dance (capoeira), cuisine (based on sea food), religion (candomble), musics coming from every street, people enjoy on streets, lots of people that look like Bob Marley, old colonial city is preserved, colorful cultural handcrafts.

This city was the first capital of Brazil by Portuguese, was used as the first port for slave trades around Americas and sugarcane trade, which was extremely valuable in the past. But the African people managed to preserve their heritage.

However, this city is also known as the city of eternal festivals/open air concerts. Lots of them are organized in every few days; you can’t even possibly miss them while you’re here. And, Salvador’s carnival is regarded as the biggest street party of the world 

I thought gold decorated churches were extinct like dragons, only in history books of wealthy colonial times. Until I saw this, astonished with a wide open mouth, like Tyrion Lannister first seeing a dragon 🐉 The walls, altars and ceilings decorated with extravagant clusters of flowers, angels, birds and arches are all covered in gold leaves, which is estimated to be 1 ton of gold.

We used to play “Tekken” fighting game with my friends when we were young. Now i can clearly see, from whom the character “Eddy” is copied: Capoeiristas!
Colonial African slaves had to defend themselves from their ruthless owners, using their only tool, their body. So they started practicing martial arts. But to hide their purposes from owners that they are practising fighting, they added music and faked it like a type of dance. And so Capoeira was born.