Quetzal & Guate Football Team

Guatemala National Football Team’s jerseys look so unique. The bird is Quetzal, the mascot of Guatemala, and probably the most attractive bird I’ve ever seen in my life, especially its tail.
Ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations considered Quetzal as the God of the Air and used its tail feathers for currency.
It is also considered as the symbol of freedom and wealth, as it kills itself in captivity and it’s feathers are very valuable.
During the latter stages of Spanish conquest, Quetzal was the spiritual guide of a K’iche (Quiche) warrior and prince, Tecun Uman. When the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado killed Tecun Uman with a spear to his chest, Quetzal flew down to his chest, acquiring its red chest feathers.
Another Mayan legend says that, Quetzal used to sing beautifully before the Spanish conquest. It’s silent since then. When these lands will be truly free, it will start singing again