Dakar Rally 2017

Dakar Rally 2017 – La Paz/Bolivia
It was definitely one of the most happiest day of my life. Everybody on streets were welcoming drivers, without knowing the results. And drivers were waving hands, cheering for Bolivia, smiling in joy. Bolivians and drivers are all from different countries in the world, yet found a way to cheer and enjoy together like friends, without boundaries, forgetting anything bad in the world for a single day, also with concerts. This planted in my mind, the idea of, what if i try competing in it for once in the future. Why should i only watch it, but not experience it, and for what we are living? 🙂 Long but the best dreams start like this which needs patience, like in Canada 3 years ago, where i was planted the idea of learning Spanish and learning about Latin America.

Originally initiated in the Senegal’s capital Dakar in 1979 for a rally between Paris to Dakar, it has been moved to South America since 2009, due to security reasons that arised in Mauritania, which led to cancellation of 2008 rally. In response, it is replaced by Africa Eco Race in Africa.
It’s an off road endurance race, open to amateur (80% of entries) and professional drivers, in which single day stage can take up to 900 km. The terrains include off road, rocks, mud, sand dunes and long grass.

Vehicles are grouped in 4 : Motorcycles, Quads, Trucks, Cars. But for me, they are no ordinary trucks. They are moving castles, manufactured in case of a zombie apocalype.