El Clásico of Guatemala

El Clásico Chapín de Guatemala (Superclásico, el juego de juegos): Municipal (rojos) vs Comunicaciones (cremas)

I ower half of my Spanish swear words knowledge to Narcos TV series, and other half to the matches I go here. People used to talk that, Guatemalans are more gentle&polite, contrary to Mexicans or El Salvadorans. But that’s valid if you don’t go to a football match. 😛

The most unpleasant match happens in the capital “Ciudad de Guatemala”s (or “Guate” in short) two teams. Both teams’ fans are allowed into the stadium, and unfamiliar fights, craziness, things happen, they said. Even people died in the past due to that. Upon hearing that, I knew that I have to be in that match. Let’s cancel every plans I made for the weekend beforehand. My Guatemalan friends warn me, that I’m going to a combat zone. I’ll hop on the Chicken Bus to go to Guate in 1 hour distance.
I couldn’t find what I was looking for when I arrived. Rojos fans weren’t allowed in for precaution; half of the stadium is empty, looks like an ordinary match. But even in an ordinary match, I would play better than these clowns, while giving tactics, such a murder of football. We supported Cremas, which always played attacking, settling in opponent’s half field, finding 16-17 positions through the game, but lost it 1-0 with a counter attack, and lost my excitement. This result reflected to the Cremas’ fans and people started to swear, while leaving the stadium before the end of the match.

Anyways, like the other angry fans who left the stadium early, we hanged out and relaxed in the park outside, with a few Corona-lemon-salt combo and fast-food stalls. Maybe it would be fun to play a FIFA match in a PlayStation cafe with the best FIFA musics in my phone… On the way back to Antigua in the bus, enjoyable Reggaeton musics and peddlers in some stops accompanied us.

Note: Everytime I view the video, the guy with the Brazilian shirt next to me, who shouts “Son of a bitch!” in Spanish, makes me laugh a lot, after the missed clear goal position. But it’s even gentler than the other swears thrown to air in the stadium 😂