Climbing Volcan Acatenango

1st day – Base Camp(~3600m):
After 5 hours of hiking up the mountain, we’ve reached the Base Camp of Volcan Acatenango. It was the most difficult physical activity I’ve ever done in my life; cursing myself and questioning what the hell I’m doing here.
Readied our camps to spend the night and started to warm ourselves by the fire, that our guide recently cut from a tree. Drinking hot chocolate and of course Bacardi. I’m freezing despite of my skiing jacket and polar. The 1 day weather change for me between Antigua (eternal spring) to harsh, windy and chilly mountain conditions are huge. Rest have headache due to minor altitude sickness.
It’s 2 days before the Supermoon; the moon is illuminating the sky, but it’s no match for the majestic explosions of Volcan Fuego.
We’ll wake up at 3:30 am to continue ~2 more hours of ascending to the tip of Acatenango (3976m) in order to catch the sunrise

Our guide, cutting some woods for the night. Clouds cover the Volcán Fuego at the background
I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure 😛
⬇Volcan Acatenango, ⬆Volcan Agua

Hiking up Volcan Acatenango to catch the sunrise, with the explosions of Volcan Fuego at the background, brightening the starry night.
Then sliding down highly slippery volcanic sand without actual skates/skies/snowboard but with bare shoes haha