Chicken Buses

Chicken Buses:
Do you want to experience “Fast&Furious” movies in a more realistic way, instead in front of TV screen?
In the place of sending retired US school buses to scrap, they are driven to Guatemala (or various Latin American countries like Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama) for less than 2000$ USD at auctions.
Drivers modify interior and exterior of them, adding extra seats, painting colorful decals, stickers and lighting, like you would do in “Need for Speed” games.
Then it’s time to open full sound Reggaeton inside that will pump you with energy and the macho soul of Fast&Furious. We are now ready to go full speed in the road, overtake normal sedan cars, corner sharply that you’ll think you’re actually drifting.
The most important thing is, people use it ecologically, by filling 2 person seats with 3 people. Villagers can carry their living chickens, or they can fill the bus with people like packed chickens. But be careful with your belongings, that it’s fairly easy to get your things stolen in this bus; or sometimes in big crazy cities (like Guatemala City), gangs stop these buses in their gang territory and take valuables of people like you’re in 1800s Wild West. In this case, may the Biblical writings near the driver window may help you.