Torres Del Paine National Park

8 days of camping and 123 km of hiking was planned in Torres Del Paine National Park of Chilean Patagonia.

However i could only endured up 70 km, mainly because of my very heavy backpack i was carrying everytime, including climbing mountains and ending my food supply, due to planning everything a few hours before the hike.

My feet look like in ruins now, it was difficult to wake up some days at 4 am in the freezing cold and darkness, later packing tent in that darkness and wet lands, walking under rain and extremely strong winds that pushed me to fall down in hill, i was always very hungry, i missed drinking some nice Chilean wine in a warm place, it was always cold, i stinked without days of some nice bath, some toilets were worse than gas stations, usually walked alone because of being very slow due to my backpack, always questioned myself what the hell I’m doing here…


It was one of the most unforgettable adventure i took in my life,

Surrounded with similar minded people to me, the most helpful groups of people I’ve met in my life, amazing scenes I’ve never seen in my life like glaciers, tasting winter of mountains, winds and glaciers & spring of hills, flowers, forests, rivers and groups of free horses along grasses, in the same week.

And full of questioning my present&future life, while being lost and walking for hours in nature alone.

Although i don’t want to do something like this again for some time, i think I’ll do it again soon for sure Maybe “Lycian Way” of Turkey?

Somebody said, that we’ll cross the mountains in the background, in 2 days. I was cursing and questioning myself when I heard that, in tiredness and hunger. But crossing the mountain rewarded us the hidden view of Glacier Grey