Wall from Game of Thrones

It looks like “The Wall” from “Game of Thrones”, though I don’t know if they used it in the show.

Perito Moreno Glacier has the altitude of only some hundred meters above from the sea level. The temperature was also about 10 degrees under the sun in the noon. It has not yet been affected by global warming. But it still maintains its size. In Europe, however, it is necessary to go over 3000 meters to see a glacier. The reason is, Perito Moreno was formed during the last ice age and has been protecting itself from day to day. The turquoise lakes nearby were formed by the melting of the glaciers. Once upon a year, this place was full of glaciers.

If I did not get the guide wrong, it snows in the mountains surrounding the iceberg, from the ocean effect. This snow keep the size of the glacier. The new ice layer formed on the back side presses forward and there are always ice pieces falling from the front; the glacier is constantly moving like living organism. It is loud and striking from the sound of falling pieces, like a controlled destruction of a building with explosives.

The front wall that you see is 60-70 m high and 5 km wide, but the whole glacier spreads around 250km2.