Tragedies of Salvador Allende&Victor Jara 😢

Tragedies of the legendary Salvador Allende&Victor Jara 😢
And the revolutionary intellectual musician Violeta Parra
Let me tell you a story of a tragedic military coup in Chile in 1973, sharing many similarities to the coup in Turkey in 1980.

In 1970, a socialist leader, Salvador Allende wins elections in Chile, disproving the discourse “There’s no other choice besides armed battle for revolution and power” of Che&Fidel. Nationalization of mines start from private American companies. What if other Latin American countries gets influenced from Chile in Cold War Era? CIA gets panicked from situation, executing their urgent plans…

By backing up the Chilean army with millions of dollars, huge strikes, shortages of food&necessities were organized. Yet it didn’t manage to stop Allende.
So in an unexpected day, military tanks pointed it’s barrels to parliament, while planes were bombing and soldiers were making an operation to kill Allende in his office. All just happened a few minutes after he gave a speech on radio without knowing what’s gonna happen, sharing his trust to military, asking for aid from it to stop provocations, defend the honor of country and democratic regime elected by the will of citizens…

Only after a few days later of coup, all shortages end mysteriously (!) . A “death squad” was formed to torture opposition. (The photo includes the monument for people who disappeared during this). Jails were full of people; so Olympic Stadium is used to fill in people, organizing a few minutes lasting trials due to a huge crowd, to hang them.

This crowd of people in the stadium included musician Victor Jara, which he had a huge support from others. An officer gets sick of this situation, breaking right hand fingers of Jara that he used to play guitar. Yet only after a few days later, when he saw Jara, cheering the crowd with the song “Muchachos Chilenos”, he loses his temper, cutting the fingers of Jara with bayonet, to give a lesson to the prisoners. At that moment, hundreds of prisoners start to riot, only to be gunned down, including Jara. However, this stadium was only one of the locations of many tragedies across the country…
And who is Violeta Parra? She’s the mother of the new musical movement “Nueva Cancion” all across the South America, that originated people like Victor Jara, which restored the connection between folk music and musicians, to revive the folk music, spending much time with local people to learn and popularize old traditions, but mixing it with politics&new ideas. However, she’s mostly known with her song, “Gracias a la Vida”, one of the most covered Latin song in the history. Not only she’s a legendary musician, but also a painter and sculptor, where her arts were shown in Louvre.