Che Guevara & Ibrahim Ferrer

Grave of Ibrahim Ferrer (Buena Vista Social Club) &
Mausoleum of Ernesto “Che” Guevara
Tomorrow will be the last day in my first Latin America trip. I’m currently feeling heartbroken to leave here. But I also need some renewal to build energy&motivation. ATM, I’m trying to play Pollyanna, to find good reasons to leave here. For example, at least, I’ll visit Colombia, and it’s city Cali, the world salsa capital, after I’ll learn how to salsa in Turkey hahaha… I’ll also continue to post some plenty more photos that are left from Latin America, while in Turkey.
Che was captured wounded & executed in Bolivia, after his unsuccessful guerilla attempts of revolution in that country, by the betrayal of one of his men and numerous other things, like failing to convince and communicate with locals, losing contact with Havana on radio transmitter, inclusion of CIA support to Bolivian army, his sickness, not getting support from Bolivian Communist Party, etc… He was primarily buried there, in an unknown location in 1967.
He and his friends’ remains in Bolivia were discovered in 1997, after a retired Bolivian general confessed the location of mass graves of those events. His remainings were transferred to Santa Clara/Cuba, under his memorial, the city which he conquered during Cuban Revolution in the end of 1958, despite being outnumbered 1:10, that opened the gates to Havana and success of Cuban revolution.

Some photos from Trinidad: