Highest International Airport in the World

4060 m (13 325ft), is the altitude of El Alto International Airport, La Paz (3600m) / Bolivia. It’s the highest international airport in the world, and 5th highest in commercial airports.
Also, “El Alto” means “high” in Spanish.
Because of the thin air in high altitude, wide body aircrafts like Airbus A330 or Boing 737 cannot operate here. Airplane manufacturers test their airplanes in here, against high altitude and cold for certifications.
And where is the world’s lowest airport? In Israel, called Bar Yehuda, at -378 m (-1240 ft) below sea level.
A Dutch friend of mine also told me that Amsterdam airport is below the sea level and is called Schiphol, which means ship cave/hole, as the ships usually lay there 😂
It’s freezing for me in here as the weather in always warm Central American countries and Caribbeans, shifted to between 5-15°C in La Paz

From Caribbeans to 5421 meters
Montaña Chacaltaya / Bolivia