Cabo Polonio

Times Square &
Mr President, José Mujica

In the hipster town of Cabo Polonio, before i was sharing my Honduras cigar, under rising moon, near beach, what did we sang with Argentinos and Chilenas and Uruguayos in Uruguay? La Bamba, Mas Que Nada, Besame Mucho, Guantanamera, Macarena, O Sole Mio, Shape of my heart/Leon, Chao Bella, Black or White, Californication, Gracias a la vida, Love in Portofino, Sealed With a Kiss, Carneval Toda De La Vida, La Tierra Del Olvido, Englishman in NY and mostly all the rooted soul of South America&Italia&USA.

A must in the world is this town to visit , which has no electricity and only illumination of milkyway and the lighthouse in shore (written in Yoda grammer.) (Why? Honey liqueur of Uruguay is like the drink of Toblerone chocolate). Summer of 69…

Did i say you that Italian and Spanish are similar. That in Argentina, the Spanish is pronounced like Italian. Etc, like surnames of footballers Messi, Di Maria, Lavezzi, Maradona…

And lastly, what did play while i was smoking my cigar? Of course, “The Godfather”. Imagine the atmosphere at this song!