There aren’t any hostels in Havana. You seek and find house of local people on street, who rent rooms of their house, whose house are indicated by signs and very easy process, except touring streets and selecting the better one under the Sun. Don’t worry, Cuba is one the safest country I’ve ever been to in my life, maybe.
And unfortunately, Cuba isn’t a country of backpackers paradise. They use Euro equivalent CUC pesos for tourists only. And rooms start from 20 CUC daily. Much more expensive than Patagonia, when I was getting depressed due to emptying my bank account like emptying a glass of water (“Su gibi akıyordu” cümlesini Türk usulü çevirebildiysem, BBC kameraları önünde Kraliçe’den madalya bekliyorum). Funny that, I was trying to save money by going to cheaper places and tightining my budget in Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala, where my savings mean nothing in here and spent more than I saved. It’s much more logical to come here by tour groups to visit, eat, get transportation & information on everything.
Otherwise, to spend less money like locals, you need to the national sport of Cubans, aka the hitchhiking, convert your Tourist Peso (CUC) to Local Peso (CUP) in black market to get things from Cubans’ local cheap foodstores, where 1 CUC is 24 CUP. BTW, some amount of daily goods like food are free for Cubans. It seems like, the people who earn much money are in tourism industry or are cigar rollers, who get tipped or sell cigars undercover. Bribing (aka tipping) is very natural in here.

The view of the street from the room I’ve rented in Havana

Street going to the Capitol

This was our 1914 model taxi. The driver said, it’s the oldest car in Havana. However, he replaced the old motor with a newer one, which used to start&work by winding a crank in front of the motor before entering the car xD

Cuba is the most successful country in Olympic boxing after USA, although professional boxing is banned after the revolution due to seeing it corrupt, ugly side of America, exploitation of working class kids and being in favor of the idea of sports as participatory, not professional.
Young kids are raised from early ages, with better food and educational opportunities. Of 90 000 Cuban athletes, 19 000 are boxers, with the dream of being in the top 12 boxers that’ll go to the Olympics

Revolution will not be televised

Walking around Havana,
I found Macarena,
I told her to dance me Cuban music you see,
Ay Macarena that movement of yours,
No one can stop it,
Ay Macarena, look, I swear, I want to make you fall in love
Heeey Macarena!
-Más Macarena/Gente de Zona, Los del Río

Back to the future with Chopin.
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