Universal messages

It was one the best days I had in my life. Stop! Punto! No más existe! No more exist!… Feels like I reached Nirvana.
What’s my religion? Germinated words of nature, from “Karlı Kayın Ormanı” (Snowy Beech Forest) of Turkey to the women of Guantánamo…

I didn’t know there were other poets like Nazım Hikmet from Turkey, whose poems were arranged into folk songs. But Cubans also arranged poems of Jose Marti into the world famous Guantanamera song, which is one of my favourite songs on the Earth, that describes me. I wish I was the ink on the notebooks of Jose Marti or Nazım Hikmet. I’m glad that people like you had lived on the Earth once. This is an universal message, from the Snowy Beech Forest to the women of Guantanamo. My religion is written in the words of Nazım or Marti, my life story, my belief, my core, that’s me. It’s like the “Playing for nature”, isn’t it? You can find it on YouTube.

At the moment, I wish my family is with me, to share my excitement that’s pouring out of me to these words. I feel like, first time I’ve reached Nirvana. But who is Jose Marti?

Leaders of Cuba dates back more than Fidel or Che. It would be shame to forget Jose Marti, as it is to forget Hasan Tahsin, who fired the first bullet in the liberation war of Turkey, who was a writer and journalist.

Jose Marti was a poet, a researcher, journalist, politician, philosopher, artist. But more importantly, someone that I said, “He’s the One”, and envied.

His writngs and political movements drew attention to Spanish and US imperialism at the end of 19th century in Cuba. He endeavoured for the independence of Cuba and Latin American countries since he was born. His murder triggered the movements for liberation in Cuba.

He visited Latin America, Spain and US. And banished to Spain when he was 16 years old, due to his ideas. Chain scars on his body never leaves his body. He comes back to Cuba in 1895 for revolution. Yet loses his life after a few months in the movement. But after only 7 years, his dreams about Cuba comes back to life: Independence of Cuba… His name stays in the hearts of the Cubans forever. And continues to shine on Latin American countries for inspiration. His writings are accepted prodigous and delicate in Spanish language literature. He becomes a saint in hearts.

Guantanamera (English)

I am a truthful man,
From the land of the palm trees.
Before dying, I want to
Share these poems of my soul

I cultivate a white rose
In June and in January
For the sincere friend
Who gives me his hand

My poems are soft green.
My poems are also flaming crimson.
My poems are like a wounded fawn,
seeking refuge in the forest.

With the poor people of this earth,
I want to share my fate
The little streams of the mountains
Please me more than the sea