Southern Skies

See the 2 bright clouds on the right? If yes, “Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere!”. Enjoy the view of our 2 satellite galaxies, orbitting our galaxy Milkyway, which is forming “a way” on the left. These 2 satellite galaxies can only be seen in Southern Hemisphere, and called Large&Small Magellanic Clouds. From Salar de Uyuni, Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, Bolivia

How to find Southern Pole in Southern hemisphere? Unlike Northern Hemisphere’s star Polaris (Northern Star) which sits on North Pole, there’s no bright star sitting on south pole. So, the easiest and oldest technique to find south pole is drawn above. Photo over Cusco/Peru, facing Plaza de Armas, where there used to be majestic Inka temples decorated with gold, as Cusco was capital of Inka, which Pizarro destroyed and built cathedrals. Gold wasn’t a valuable metal for Inkas, it was just sacred, due to being the “tears” of the Sun, their biggest God.