Local barbeque McDonalds

Best “local” barbeque McDonalds (!) with amazing taste and prices:
Hamburger: 1.3$, Meat/Taco/Buffalo: 2$, Cola/Fanta/Sprite: 0.7$, Coffee: 0.5$

“Churrasquitos Olgui” Restaurant

Talking to the local people and learning where they oftenly go, helps a lot. If you go out of the city only a little, Guatemalan reality begins to rise to surface. I would never have thought that, I would eat delicious meats for that cheap. The best part is, the restaurant is 15 mins walking distance  away from the city; so it’s not invaded by tourists and you can breath the same air with locals. The reason is, restaurants in the central Antigua is very touristic, mostly with Americans, so prices are inflated. I remember that, last time I was in Sumpango, where my wallet was stolen, I paid 2.7$ for a huge steak, wrapped around tortilla with avocado, which was one of the most expensive things.

Back to the topic. As you can see from the photo, there’s no chimney in the restaurant; smoke is pushed out with fans, like the one behind the chef. For a moment, fans stopped working and smoke filled the inside like there’s a fire inside (actually yes). But people didn’t care and continued to eat, like nothing happened, which made me laugh and say myself that I’m glad I arrived to Guatemala. These small but different things make me happy a lot, and put me in thoughts.

The chef in front of the barbeque, is known and loved around here. He has been working in this job for many years. But he has a sorrowful story. Unfortunately, his daughter was murdered by her boyfriend, due to the jealousy. He came to here from US for a few days, and quickly rushed back to US after the murder. He’s living freely, due to insufficient evidences. Imagine the sorrow of her father, the chef!