End of the World: Ushuaia

End of the World / The southern-most city in the world : Ushuaia

It is advertised with this sentence, if you don’t count the small village named Puerto Williams just south of here, which’s difficult to access. ATM, the sky doesn’t get dark until 22:30.

However, this city serves as the point for hopping on to Antartica with a boat from the port. So, you can expect old retired people that saved thousands for a cruise to there, scientists waiting for their boat or plane just like in my hostel, or people interested to hike&admire countless marvellous mountains, lakes, glaciers of Patagonia. The city is very developed, more than i expected, surprising me with Hard Rock Cafe and tens of hotels, like you are in a mountain resort.

Sea lions and penguins can also be seen in here with a tour in Beagle Canal. One end of canal opens to Pacific, while other to Atlantic.

Did you know that, “pacífico” means “peaceful” in Spanish and Magellan gave that name to the ocean? The reason is, Magellan and his crew managed to cross to there in spite of stormy and difficult weather conditions, where they came across a peaceful sea without waves, unknown to them