Free drinks in the airport

Karnaval var dediler geldik.

In which airport, they serve you free Cachaça or free coctail in their arrivals, while you were picking up your bag?

I had to go North (of Brazil), like Bran Stark. And not “tree-eyed raven”, but Google Maps said to me, “You will fly”… Because it continued, “It will take 50 continuous hours to drive from South to North”.

Tomorrow marks the official beginning of carnival week in Brazil, like most popular one, Rio Carnival. But I’ll spend it in the city Recife, with the advice of my Brazilian friends, who will also host me in their house, who said me, Recife is much more intense and cultural, with less foreign tourists. But i don’t think I’ll carry my camera, with their advice. So expect less or low quality images.

Hani düşünsenize, uçaktan inip bagajınızı beklerken, bir yandan bedava rakı ikram ediyorlar. Ülkemde böyle birşey olduğunu düşünmek bile…düşünemedi…
“Bir gün Yılmaz hocalarla lokalde oturuyoruz, Namık abi nasıl içm…”…
“İyi bağla da düşmiyelim yiğen” 😛

The free drinks advertisement looked quite strong to me, as everybody was taking photo of that coincidence and showing it to people, where drinks are cheap in Brazil.