Turkish Casino in Belize-Guatemala border

The Turkish Casino in Belize-Guatemala border town San Ignacio
Doorman:Show me your ID to enter!
Me:I don’t have it now, forgot it at the hostel; I’m a Turkish tourist to see the other Turks in here.
Doorman:Write your name and bday in here…

(makes some phone calls)

Doorman:OK, the boss is waiting for you inside, through downstairs!

(after some talks with the boss)
Me:May I ask you to invite my American friend (Ryan) who’s waiting me at the door, who couldn’t entered due to wearing shorts and that i said to come back in 5 mins?
Boss:Sure no problem!
(makes a phone call and Ryan comes after 5 mins)

Boss:I’ll come back shortly. Feel free to order anything you want from the menu, from foods to drinks, you should have been hungry after the road…
(Boss leaves)
Me:Pssst Ryan! This means the food and drinks are free. You can select anything you want without worrying. Actually you need to order at least a tea or small drink, to show your gratitiude!
Ryan:Are you sure of that?!
Me:Yeah I am!
Ryan:How much sure?
Me:Maybe 90% by instincts if the guy isn’t a douchebag to betray Turkish traditions. I don’t know how to explain you really…

Boss:Come here with your friend anytime you want to eat&drink without any hesitation during your stay in San Ignacio, Oğulcan.