San Pedro-Lake Atitlan

Señora Josefina, in the picture, is a Tz’utujil Maya, one of the 21 different Maya communities that dwell in Guatemala. Tz’utujil live around Lake Atitlan. It was a great escape from tourists with beer bottles in streets, to be able to talk with Mayans, about past, problems, politics, future, education of Guate, world, what they think about life, what they do and wish from future. I noted details of our conversation in my diaries…

She knitted me 2 bracelets in 4 hours. One with the flags of Central American countries, other with South American. I will put on each of them in both of my wrists, though i can’t really touch them because they are very valuable for me and i don’t want to damage them 😛

Today, i was in San Pedro La Laguna, as my connection and peace point, before experiencing spiritual Chichicastenango (Chichi) during Christmas and Santo Tomas day. This will be my 2nd time in Chichi, as really something spiritual is going in that Mayan village, where people still preserve their Paganism and ancient Maya traditions, which captured my soul instantly in my first visit about 2 months ago. You can check my previous 2 writings about Cofradias in Chichi (brotherhoods/guilds) and Market of Chichi, which is considered as one of the biggest markets of Central America.

I’m sometimes sick of hostels in Central America. The ones i went to were mostly full of gringos, who came here to party cheaper than their countries. The exact opposite reason why I’m here. I can’t discuss interesting and unique things, like the country we are in, who seem to forget where they are in actually. Tip: You can easily spot them with sleeveless shirt, flipflops, swim shorts, raybans, baseball caps. (GORA’da Arif’in yemekhanedeki zenciye dediği gibi “Sahilde sanki pezevenk…”)

So whenever i find a cheap private room with the same price of hostel, i get some peace, watching the street/lake/people/stars/sea, drinking on my own, investigating things about the coutry, planning future travels on maps, or my own future after this journey. Sometimes, my luck turns out in hostels and find same minded people who are actually funny with great conversations, imaginations, sense of humor and idea sharings, which continue as long as our journeys coincide. Not to mention, it also feels weird to meet lots of people that you enjoy together, then saying goodbye to them after a short time, in a continuous cycle.

Countries on bracelets in order:
Central: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba
South: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil