World’s 8th Wonder: Coca
The world’s richest are richest thanks to Coca: Like Coca-Cola Company or cocaine narcos like Pablo Escobar. Although it’s leaves are healthy unlike these 2 products of coca, i have to admit it’s a little bit addictive that I’m oftenly cooking tea of it or chewing it in buses. Maybe because, it contains 4mg (between 0.25% and 0.77%) of cocaine in raw leaves, but no more stimulant than a cup of coffee.

It’s sacred, used as a medicine and occupies a culture&history in Bolivia (Like Turkish Coffee 😛) since Inkas like to be used as anesthesia.
Contains high amount of protein, vitamins, calcium and carbohydrates. A medicine for everything, and yes it works:
While we were hiking mountain Chacaltaya i chew a half packet; hike turned out to me easy unlike others in the group. Or stopping my stomach pain in the night due to being a bit cold.

It’s worthwhile to note that, while UN were pressing Bolivian government to ban coca, president Evo Morales took a speech in the general asembly in 2006, showing people coca in his hands, chewing and saying that, it’s not white, its green.
The distinction between Coca and Cocaine is like between grape and wine.