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Ogulcan Temiz was born in 1993 in Ankara/Turkey. He graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Mechanical Engineering. He went to Carleton University/Canada with an exchange program during his third year. He studied M.A. Media, Communications & P.R. in Swansea University/U.K.


He is sensitive, child-minded, loves to dream and disappear in dreams, tell stories using audio-visual tools, experience adventures, creates emotional works that can appeal to the soul, use foreign languages, read world cultures and history of the universe (both Space and the Earth). He predicts that soon, he would become a journalist, travel guide, creative director, or something related to communication. 


Oğulcan Temiz

I’m interested in anything that arouses emotions and the spirituality of a person. It can be photography, losing myself in philosophical thoughts of astronomy, looking at a painting and dreaming the events that are depicted on it, listening to old pieces of vinyl that I collect, playing to the piano while letting me and the piano’s soul merge on way to new worlds, hearing the wind on top of a mountain or in a beach to sense the dimension of time…

In a networking event, we were asked to write words that define us without thinking, and show our words to other people that we’ll meet and greet. Here were my words: Photography, astronomy, storytelling, writing.

Though, I also have a hunger to learn history, cultures, languages, do audiovisual contents, documentaries.

My mind often dreams and loses connection to reality in the day time, in search of a ‘thing’ that will get me inspired. Then, I use that inspiration to develop creative work on the thing I’m working on.

About sayfası

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