Authored My Own Book

I oversaw the entire process of editing this work, which was necessary due to the unsatisfactory work of the publishing house. This included correcting editorial mistakes, designing the book using Adobe software such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, selecting paper specifications, identifying a printing press, and even marketing the book to bookstores that did not initially carry it. In short, I took care of every aspect of the project, providing an all-in-one solution.

Click here to learn more about it (Türkçe bilgi için tıklayın).


Member Of The Editorial Board

I am responsible for curating and composing articles for the Alumni Magazine of TED Ankara College High School, a publication that reaches over 5500 individuals globally. As a sample of my work, I have included an English article that I translated from a previous issue, which can be found by clicking here here. (Türkçe için tıklayın).



My friend and I had the privilege of translating the Heavens-Above from English to Turkish, and we received praise for our efforts from an astronomy professor at Istanbul University.




Just-For-Fun Photos

I enjoy infusing pop culture elements into my everyday routines, as it adds a fun and unique flair to my daily life.



R&D On Climate Change For Educational Purposes

We collaborated as a research & design team for 6 months to address the heat island effect in the Netherlands with our partners at TAUW Co and Municipality of Amersfoort. Our mission was to raise awareness among homeowners and integrate our findings into the city’s digital twin.

Our efforts yielded a campaign, educational website, and a ‘smart plant pot’ prototype named ‘Nature Buddy’, which combines the functions of a Tamagotchi toy and a Siri digital assistant. ‘Nature Buddy’ educates citizens about night-time heat stress, gives weather reports and municipality news, and monitors the wellbeing of the plant. The pot’s baby tree is eventually planted outside during community events, creating a green legacy.

My responsibilities included selecting electronic parts, coding, and assembling them. Additionally, I contributed to creating promotional videos, researching 3D printing methods, optimizing the prototype, and exploring the effects of climate change through writing and proofreading articles. Click for the video or the project website.


R&D of Turkey's First Clam-Shell Telescope Dome

I formed and led a project team of 6 people for BSc’s final year project. We designed and prototyped Turkey’s first domestic clam-shell telescope dome from scratch for TUG to house a DIMM-type telescope. Click here to read project documentation.


R&D of Ping-Pong Ball Collector

As part of a group project at university, we designed, built, and coded a ping-pong ball collector robot on the PIC microchip system, to compete against other robots. The robot is like cleaner robots in houses, but instead collects as many balls scattered on the floor as possible in a limited time frame. It uses an arm, stores the balls in its internal basket, and finally dumps them into a waste box. Click here for the video.


Robot Coding To Achieve A Goal

As part of a group project at university, we coded pre-built ‘Kilobot’ robot hardware, to compete against other groups. Robots simulated a swarm of ants following each other, pushing the limits of their capabilities. Click here for the video.