Short Documentary

A short documentary that I and my friends shot about the usage of social media in 2020. I was responsible for adding the VFX, camera & audio setup, and editing on Adobe Premiere & AfterEffects.


Product Demonstration

During my time in the Netherlands as a Digital Transformation Designer in 2022, we developed a smart plant pot. I was responsible for shooting and editing its demonstration video. More details about the product can be read in the Project section of the Portfolio page.


Personal Story

I was selected to attend a workshop in collaboration with media company Aspire2Be, BBC presenter Sean Holley, and Swansea University. We were given TV presenting and interviewing skills by Sean Holley. As a project, I produced a video for Swansea University, themed ‘Emotional Resilience During The Pandemic’, under the supervision of Aspire2Be’s iBroadcast program.


Product Demonstration #2

We were doing our BSc graduation project in 2016 and prototyped a Clam-Shell dome for telescopes. This product demonstration video was written, shot, and edited by me.


Drone Shot

Apart from Ankara, I also live in another place called Ayvalık. When I had a drone in 2018, I shot some of the landscapes of Ayvalık with accompanying music.


Trailer Style

Together with a Chinese friend, we visited Milan’s Chinatown during a Chinese event. I shot a video that imitates Narcos TV Show’s trailer that you can watch here.


Hangout With Friends

Shot a video while we were chilling on the beach and talking with friends in Ayvalık.